Submissions are now open for 2019.

Playmarket is searching for the best new plays to inspire and excite young audiences. Let your imagination run riot! It could be an original story or an adaptation of a classic tale, hilarious or heartfelt. It could be a play for adults to perform to children or a play for young actors to perform themselves. We’re also keen to read any work created specifically for the classroom, whether by teachers or students themselves. There are 3 categories and a winner will be awarded in each category.

This year there are 3 CATEGORIES. A winner will be awarded in each category.

Plays written for:

  • 3 - 8 year-olds
  • 8 - 12 year-olds
  • Teenage

Entrance requirements

  • Open to any New Zealand citizen/permanent resident of any age.
  • Produced and unproduced plays are eligible.
  • Scripts may only be submitted to this competition ONCE.
  • There are no limits on length, or cast size.
  • You may submit as many as you like.

How to submit

Email your submission to us with a submission form, available here as a Microsoft Word doc, or here as a PDF

Please contact us if you have difficulty downloading the submission form.


The winners will be offered some script development resources, as appropriate, and all plays that make the short list are eligible to be circulated to potential producers. Should anyone want to license your play, we will offer to negotiate the licence for you.

For all queries anytime contact us.



3 - 8 YEAR-OLDS: Jodie Bate - Charlie, Estelle and the Poppazoid

8 - 12 YEAR-OLDS: Rex McGregor - Rasha and Abd

TEENAGERS: Lee Armitage - Once Was Lost

SHORTLISTED: Claire Ahuriri-Dunning - Hercules, Courtney Rose Brown and Alayne Dick - Losing It, Lindsey Brown - Where's Woody, James Cain - Catclowder!, Belinda Campbell - I Am A Monster, Leki Jackson Bourke - Pring It On, Kerry Lynch - Heavenly Bodies.



3 - 8 YEAR-OLDS: Simon McArthur - Ellie and the Star

8 - 12 YEAR-OLDS: Zachary Nicholls - What You Will

TEENAGERS: Courtney Rose Brown - The Number 23 and Abby Howells - Atilla the Hun

SHORTLISTED: Courtney Rose Brown - The First Time, Alister Emerson - Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken, Angie Farrow - August Moon, Russell King - Pirates vs Ninjas (vs The Evil Vampire Wizards), Jennifer O'Sullivan and Matt Powell - The Birthday Girl, Jenny Parham - Whitu: A Matariki Story, Bridget Sanders - Kokako's Song.



3 - 8 YEAR-OLDS: Elle Wootton - The Tiny Man 

8 - 12 YEAR-OLDS: Mike Hudson - Could Do Better

TEENAGERS: Angie Farrow - Esther

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Lucy Craig - Bloody Hell Jesus, Jo Randerson - Lovin' It!

SHORTLISTED: Sam Brooks - The Queen of the Ball, Mike Hudson - Tom Sawyer, Cheryl Amos - The Intergalactic Adventures etc, Deborah Eve Rae - Robot SU-Z, Alan Whitaker - Tania and the Tooth Fairy.



3 - 8 YEAR-OLDS: Darlene Mohekey and Jess Sayer - Dexter’s Deep Sea Discovery 

8 - 12 YEAR-OLDS: Chris Molloy - The Puha Squadron

TEENAGERS: Amanaki Prescott-Faletau and Leki Jackson-Bourke - Inky Pinky Ponky 

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Uther Dean - The Presentation of Findings from my Scientific Survey of the First 7500 Days of my Life done in the Interest of Showing You How to Live Better Lives

SHORTLISTED: Dan Bain and Luke de Somma - The Invisibles, Helen Vivienne Fletcher - How to Catch a Grim Reaper, Guy Langford - The Kiwi Gingerbread Man , Ashley Milne - El Circ del Tonteria Grande, Deborah Eve Rea - The Heebie Geebies, Sarah Somerville - The Bubbles and Mustard Show



3 - 8 YEAR-OLDS: Ronnie Short - The Laughalot Tribe

8 - 12 YEAR-OLDS: Mike Hudson - Wide Awake

TEENAGERS: Renee Liang - The Quiet Room

RUNNERS-UP: Emily Duncan - Le Sujet Parle: And Then He Shot Me and Tom McCrory - The Twenty Seven Last Days of Childhood

SHORTLISTED: Dan Bain - Uncle Minotaur, Holly Gooch - The Purple Sea, Rex McGregor - Grow Up, Juliet, Geoff Pinfield - The Thing From The Place, Andi Podesta - Give it a Whirl, Deborah Eve Rea - Tawa's Last Adventure and Philippa Werry - The Careers Room



3 - 8 YEAR-OLDS: Emily Duncan - Eloise in the Middle and Holly Gooch - Space Circus

8 - 12 YEAR-OLDS: Steph Matuku - A Story of Rona

TEENAGERS: Joey Moncarz - The Wayfinder

SHORTLISTED: Jessica Doube - Kiwiman and Robin, Denis Edwards - One WIld Wellinton Night, Angie Farrow - Goodby April, Mike Hudson - Download Now, Bee Lee-Smith - The Frog Prince and Gaelynne Pound - Down on the Farm with Nursery Rhymes and Rudolph's Best Christmas Ever



WINNER: Sarah Delahunty - The Beanstalkers

SPECIAL MENTION:  Gaelynne Pound - Rapper Gnomes

SHORTLISTED: Dan Bain - Gameplan, Sam Brooks - A Pretty Good Year, Elizabeth Farris - Supernova Man, Ralph McCubbin Howell - The Road That Wasn't There, Joey Moncarz - Chanel 99 and Hamish Russell - I'm Never Drinking Again



WINNER: Joey Moncarz - Another Stupid Wall

SPECIAL MENTION:  Ana Notoa & Lesa'e Tagamoa - Kick Ya Swag, Whiti Hereaka - For Johnny, Kath Bee & Gaelynne Pound - I've got a Dinosaur in My Back Yard

SHORLISTED:  Isla Adamson & Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu - Ruby Tuesday, Ben Anderson - The Suicidal Airplane, Matthew Arrowsmith - Plaything, Michelanne Forster & Leilani Unasa -The Winged Thieves of Samoa, Robert Gilbert - Patupaiarehe, Dale Hendry - Three Stories to Tell, Kate Morris - Flash, Thomas Sainsbury - MAD and Stevie Wildewood - Temperamental Bastards



WINNER: Richard Finn - What Do You Say After You Say Hello? and Jukebox Heroes

RUNNER  UP:  Philippa Werry - Boss of the Beach

SPECIAL MENTION: Claire Ahuriri - Spilt Milk and Claire Bubb - Threads

SHORTLISTED: Naomi Bartley -We All Fall Down, Richard Finn - The Pirates, Robert Gilbert - Goodonyermate, Kevin Keys - Desperate Antics, Stephen Lunt - The Wrong Side, David Riley - Rock Bottom and Nic Sampson - Six Short Plays



WINNER: Sarah Delahunty - 2b or nt 2b

RUNNERS UP: Hollie Sutton - Made in NZ  and Sarah Delahunty - Eating the Wolf

SPECIAL MENTION:  Renee Boyer-Willisson – Bone Deep, Angie Farrow – Falling, Ken Mizusawa – That Time. That Place. and Touched with Fire, Greg Cooper – Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, No Moa, Old McDonald had a Farm, Rumpelstiltskin, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Sheep Who Wouldn't be Shorn