Maori Playwright wins New Play Award with story of coming home.

PLAYMARKET is pleased to announce the ADAM NZ PLAY AWARD winner for 2012:

Mitch Tawhi Thomas for his play HUI

Pita: I could throw you back to where you came from

Tina: I came from here

Four brothers are drawn home to mourn the death of their father Bob - presiding over this forced reunion, dead in his armchair.


Playmarket, New Zealand's only Playwrights' Agency and Advisory service, has just released the New Zealand play licensing figures for 2011 and the news is good.

More people are reading, studying, producing, and paying to see NZ works on stage than ever before in Playmarket's 39-year history.

In the chilly and uncertain economic climate of 2011 the New Zealand Play broke a number of records and made 2011 Playmarket's most successful year since opening its doors to playwrights in 1973.

In 2011:

NEW PUBLICATION - The exercise book

Edited by Bill Manhire, Ken Duncum, Chris Price and Damien Wilkins

Exercises give your body a workout. These exercises do the same for your imagination!

The Exercise Book is full of stimulating trigger ideas – a treasure trove for writers.  There are writing prompts here that will help those who are just beginning. There are others that tackle the dreaded condition known as writer's block. Several exercises are designed specifically for the high school classroom.

NZ Theatre in 2012

Homegrown writing is all the rage this coming season. All the kids are doing it. It's ‘trending'. Keep up!

New Zealand's major theatres and theatre companies are publishing their programmes for 2012 and there is plenty to get your wiri on about!

New Publication: LONDON CALLING

Ken Duncum

The three plays in this book I think of as the music plays. If you?d asked me ten years ago, I would have said they were about the intersection of popular overseas music culture with New Zealand society, each of them showing a slice of Kiwi kids seeking an identity and a relationship to the world through different ways of dressing, talking, posing and thinking delivered to them through music. British music. The paradox of us looking to another culture to tell us who we are.